Trucking insurance questions

Trucking & Transportation: F.A.Q.

Questions you may have

How do I get a quote?
We can provide you with an instant quote over the telephone. With basic information we can develop a quick ballpark rate. With vehicle ID numbers, drivers license numbers and other specific information we can provide a firm quote.

Do I need to put money down?
Most of our insurance companies bill you directly and they offer a wide variety of billing options. So, large down payments are normally not necessary.

How long to receive a quote?
Our agents can provide quotes from several insurance companies in minutes. Within the same day, definitely. Often, while you are still on the phone. You will find it very easy to deal with us. We know you need to fulfill your requirements and get back to work!

How long to make ICC/DOT and PUCO filings?
We ask our insurance companies to make these filings the very same day that we request them. Often the filings are made and posted within 24 hours.

My policy just renewed, is it too late to change insurance companies?
We could save you as much as 50% off your total annual premium. No matter where you are with your policy, it may be beneficial to investigate your options now. We can help you in the cancellation of your old insurance policy while providing you with our insurance package in just minutes!

My business is seasonal. Can I pay for the time my vehicle is in use?
We have several insurance companies that will allow us to “lay up” coverage. This is a very effective way to save your company money and yet maintain important filings. This allows you to resume your insurance in a convenient, low cost way.

Can’t any insurance agency do this for me? What’s the difference?
The difference is huge. Jones & Wenner specializes in insurance for the trucking industry and for dump trucks. Our knowledge and experience are rare, and our agency is large enough to associate with all of the best insurance carriers. We don’t have to research a policy for you; we know how to provide it right away so you can keep working. You can have 24/7 access to your account via secure Internet connection—allowing you to print ID cards, print your own personalized certificates, review your policy coverage and more!