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Trucking, dump trucks, agri-hauling

Go the distance with Jones & Wenner. No other agency specializes so deeply in insurance for trucking and transportation.

If you are a trucker or driver, you may be surprised to find that a large well-established agency exists that has made a specialty of taking care of your insurance needs. We can help you with a quote and a policy immediately in most cases. We request filings that are often posted within 24 hours.

Our staff is trained to identify as many areas as possible to reduce your costs without sacrificing your coverage. Your premium can be drastically affected by such things as fleet discounts, claims free discounts, multi-policy discounts, business association discounts and other rating factors. If you are working with any other agency you are probably paying too much.


We understand the distance you have to travel. For more than 35 years, our staff has worked with our insurance companies to develop and provide extensive service to those in agri-hauling.

We are experienced at writing coverage for wholesale and retail nurseries, produce dealers, fruit wholesalers, and distributors. We have complete insurance programs including livestock, grain, hay, feed haulers, and Property, Liability, Cargo and Commercial Umbrellas.


Owner-operators, single units, small-medium and large fleets, hotshot/expedite, local, intermediate and long haul—for any and all truckers, Jones & Wenner is the source. No other agency has the experience, the companies and the products to serve you so quickly and effectively.

We know you need low-hassle coverage, low down payment and other features to keep you moving. You need to cover every situation, whether cargo, deadhead-bobtail, physical damage, truck and warehouse liability, and more. With the diversity of our companies, all of them experts at excellent trucking products, Jones & Wenner can provide all that and more. Fuel tax, bonds, commercial umbrellas, and contractor’s package: tell us what you need. With Jones & Wenner, it’s easy to get a quote, get covered, and get on the road.

Dump Trucks

Does your insurance policy protect you against a roll over? Do you have “down time” coverage that can help you pay the bills while your truck is being repaired after an accident? These are just a couple of specific needs that require a knowledgeable agent to guide you through your options as a dump truck owner. With Jones & Wenner you are dealing with some of the most knowledgeable dump truck insurance agents in the country. We have built our reputation, as the leader in dump truck insurance, by providing the very best in coverage and cost for our clients. We understand your business better than anyone and we will keep you on the road to success!