Insurance for Ohio limousine companies

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We have the most competitive taxi and limousine program available. Give us year, make, model and value of the vehicle to be insured, plus the driver’s date of birth and license number—and we can provide a quote that day.

Whether you operate a cab, limo, wheelchair van or medical transport, or airport shuttle—whether with a single vehicle or a large fleet, we know what matters.

That’s why we provide quick quotes, proof of insurance faxed to your city right away, and auto ID cards. We have multiple companies to quote to make sure you’re getting the best premium in the state.

Low rates from our insurance companies save money, payment schedules are flexible, and claims service is fast and easy. And with monthly billing, no taxicab owner/operator has to make a large down payment. You’ll save money and have the coverage you need. Monthly billing is available, so you won’t need to make a large down payment. Good for cash flow!