Auto and pollution liability and insurance for hauling water and sand fracking and drilling waste.

Trucking & Transportation

Fracking, Drilling and Hauling

The rise of oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking), is leading to many work opportunities in Ohio's trucking industry. The energy companies are calling on your drivers and equipment for hauling brine water, limestone and sand to and from drilling sites.

When your business is ready for these jobs, make sure your vehicles are properly insured for this type of hauling. Regulations require specific coverage for the transportation of waste materials produced by fracking.

Most truckers will need umbrella insurance along with a minimum amount of auto liability. Some loads specifically call for pollution liability.

Jones & Wenner Insurance Agency is ready to help you navigate through the types of insurance needed for limestone, sand, waste water and frack water hauling. Before you hit the road, check in with us.