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Network Security and Professional Liability

Jones & Wenner Insurance specializes in policies for technology risks. Our people have the experience,
insurance companies and products to address your business insurance needs in real-life terms.

Jones & Wenner can provide you with Network Security and Professional Liability policies, with coverage from The Hartford, Philadelphia Insurance, and other insurance companies.

Are you:

If you have clients who are in health-care, financial services, or any who retain customer data—their liabilities for error, fraud or cyber attack can be significant. These can be your liabilities, too. In fact, you can be sued or face State and Federal regulatory sanctions for some of these events.

Would you be ready to:

  1. Hire an attorney?
  2. Conduct computer forensics to determine the root cause?
  3. Notify and provide credit monitoring to all of the affected individuals?
  4. Respond to multiple State and Federal regulatory actions?

Jones & Wenner can help you manage your technology risks. We can provide you with policies such as Professional Liability, Data Privacy, Crime and many other relevant types of coverage.

Data breaches happen, and your customers’ data security can be your liability.

Jones & Wenner is here to help. We get technology.

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