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Commercial truck insurance

Who we are

Scope and Specialization: A different kind of insurance agency

Larger, more diversified and more specialized than the average independent insurance agency, Jones & Wenner is different in other ways, too. Our phones are answered personally as we pledge never to turn our friends and clients over to automated answering. Our business files are the property of Jones & Wenner, and information will never be transferred to parties other than those needed to professionally serve our clients.

Areas of Specialization

We serve only those commercial clients whose businesses and industries we know in depth—a practice founded on our belief that you can’t be everything to everyone. But we may be for you! With broad experience and distinctive specialties, Jones & Wenner has the unique expertise and resources to tailor just the right coverage for your business or life needs.

Our History

Established by Robert M. Jones and David Roughley in 1975, then joined by Gordon Wenner, Jones & Wenner has grown to be a full-service insurance agency. Our expertise is based on a well-trained, experienced and professional staff and a serious, conscientious attitude toward our clients.

As an independent insurance agency, Jones & Wenner does not work for the insurance company. We work for you. All employees are licensed insurance agents, and we work on your side when you have a loss, following through to see that you get fair, prompt payment.

Over time we have developed niche areas of expertise—such as insuring trucking and hauling and other kinds of transportation—or arborists, contractors or embroiderers. This makes our agency an unusually accessible and knowledgeable source for business owners who need insurance and need to know that their agents know their work.

The same depth that is applied to our specialties is applied to the serving of all our lines. Knowledge, accessibility and timeliness are principles of how we do business. Our agents all live those principles with enthusiasm and expertise.

Our Leadership

Agency principal Gordon Wenner manages the agency on a daily basis with a focus on the agency’s specialties, its long-term client relationships, and working with the best-trained people available. Our clients benefit from the value of long experience and the knowledge that comes from our in-depth specialties.

Chief Executive Officer Gordon Wenner has dedicated the agency's future to maintaining the principles that have brought it success.

Our Community

Community service is an example of the commitment and hard work that are typical of our agents. All are very active in their various communities, including services to churches, Chambers of Commerce, charitable organizations and boards, high school scholarship boards, including providing scholarships, NEC Golf Tournament board, various youth spent organizations, and other community services.